Why an army?

An army is an organization with the capability to create a large scale project, where a group of people with the motivation to reach one goal together can find each other and create a mutual support system.

We want to transform, challenge the concept and perception of an Army in conflict around the world to be able to create a resilient community of healers around the globe.

What is the dream?

To create an international organization, an “army of Healers”,  a community/tribe of healers that offering their skills & knowledge to heal the conflict in the Middle East between Israel & Palestine.  By creating healing educational programs and workshop for youth and adults from both sides, facilitate individual & group healing and support self learning.

We grow and nourish new social realities to emerge based on love, compassion, strength and empathy, where the need of each human can be addressed and new skills can be used to do so.

How we want to do it?

We follow the principle of co-creation and self-organized movement, creating a safe container for healers, individual and communities to become a movement and to build their own education program; we will support with facilitating tool, connect local communities, build partnership between local healers and the international healer’s community, empower traditional & local ancient healing method, develop sustainable educational programs & workshop and Together build a community.